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Application Requirements & Procedure

Malaysian SPM or GCE ‘O’ Level with a minimum of 1 Credit; or
Malaysian UEC with a minimum grade B in 1 subject

3 SPM or 3 ‘O’ Level Credits or the International High School equivalent
Applicants are also required to be proficient in English with IELTS 5.5 or GCE ‘O’ Level C6 equivalent.

Advanced Diploma
3 SPM or 3 O Level Credits or the International High School equivalent (for SPM- a Pass in Bahasa Malaysia is required).
Applicants are also required to be proficient in English with IELTS 5.0 or GCE O level C6 equivalent.

Bachelor of Design
2 STPM Grade C or 2 A Level Passes.
Senior Middle 3 (UEC) with a minimum grade B in 5 subjects equivalent.
Applicants are also required to be proficient in English with IELTS 6.0.

English Language Programme (ELP)
All classes are conducted in English. Students that do not hold the minimum of a credit in English are required to sit for an English proficiency test conducted by RKL. If necessary, students are required to take the ELP programme (conducted in-house). Our ELP programme is an intensive course that covers a period of 3 months per level.

There are 4 terms within each academic year - January, April, July and October.
Each term is 12 study weeks and a 1-week holiday in between terms.

Tuition Fees
Fees vary depending on the chosen programme. Please contact our Admissions Office at +603 2164 1059 or enquiries@raffles.edu.my

Bank details
Account name : Raffles College of Higher Education Sdn. Bhd
Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad
Bank address : Ampang Park Branch, Lot 1.01 Ampang Park Complex, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Account Number : 5140 5716 6378
Swift code : MBBEMYKL
Ringgit Malaysia or US dollars

Mode of Payment :
Cash, Cheque or Telegraphic Transfers (T/T)
All bank charges from Telegraphic Transfers shall be borne by the remitter.
(Proof of payment must be received by Raffles College of Higher Education)

Malaysian Student Application

Required Documents

1. Completed application form obtained from the Admissions Office

2. Application Fee and First Payment upon Admission payable to Raffles College of Higher Education Sdn Bhd

3. Copy of educational certificates and transcripts (Certified True Copies)

4. Copy of identity card and 4 passport size photographs

5. Updated resume if Applicant has working experience of more than one (1) year

Feel free to give us a call at 03 - 2164 1059 if you are still unsure of the application procedure. Our Education Consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

International Student Application

Before you proceed, you may take a little time to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for International Students. > Read our FAQ for International Students.

Raffles College of Higher Education Kuala Lumpur (RKL) will assist international students with their student pass application.

Students need to submit the following documents to our admissions office no later than 3 months prior to the term he/she intends to commence:

School Application & Student Pass Application Checklist (for item 3, 7-9, only Certified True Copies Are Acceptable)

1 Raffles College of Higher Education Kuala Lumpur (RKL) Application Form duly filled, signed and updated
2 8 (Eight) passport sized (3.5cm weight x 5cm height) photographs (WHITE background only)- with applicant’s full name on the back of each photograph
3 2 (Two) sets of CLEAR and LEGIBLE copies of valid passport. Passport must be valid for at least another 2 years.
(i) Passport data page (bio-data page)
(ii) Observation page (showing any extensions, clarifications of name and change of passport)
(iii) All pages showing a visa/pass STAMP only along with any record of usage.
4 International Student Application Fee of RM5,000.00 paid to “ Raffles College of Higher Education Sdn. Bhd. " by Cheques / Banker’s Cheque / Cashier’s Order.
5 ORIGINAL Raffles College of Higher Education Kuala Lumpur Health Examination Report-
(1) Pre-Arrival Medical Examination Report and x-ray from home country if screening was done at non-EMGS registered overseas clinic (as applicable). All should be completed in English language.
(2) Upon arrival in Malaysia, student must make an appointment at an EMGS approved clinic within 7 working days from the day
of arrival.
6 2 (Two) sets of Applicant’s High School Results Transcripts & Graduation Certificate [in the original language & English Translated copies].
7 2 (Two) sets of Applicant’s Other Higher Educational Results/Transcripts and Certificates [in the original language & English translated copies].
8 ORIGINAL No Objection Certificate [NOC] [For students originally from Sudan].
9 ORIGINAL Letter of Eligibility (LOE) [For students originally from Iran].
  The following documents are required if an applicant is seeking to transfer from another college/university in Malaysia or Raffles Student Changing Course (all documents must be certified & signed by the Chief Executive of the original college/university the applicant is transferring from)
10 ORIGINAL Letter of Acceptance from RCHE-KL (the college applicant is transferring to)
11 ORIGINAL Release Letter (from the original college/university applicant is transferring from)
12 A valid Student Visa (valid for at least 1- 3 months to allow sufficient time for new Student Visa application)
13 Applicant’s attendance and performance record from the original college/university (certified true copy)
14 Transcripts & Certificate from the original college/university (certified true copy)
15 Evidence (on passport) that your Student Pass has been cancelled by your last previous institution of study.
Note: If you have not undertaken a Medical Screening in Malaysia (at an EMGS appointed clinic) which is dated within 6 months of submitting your application for change of course you will have to undergo a Medical Screening.

Important Notice: Please ensure that the application forms/all the necessary documents are complete.

Official translation of the documents is required if they are not in the English language. The original translation must contain:
(1) confirmation from the translator or translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document;
(2) the date of the translation;
(3) the full name and signature of the translator or of an authorised official of the translation company; and the translator or translation company's contact details.

Incomplete applications will not be submitted to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

* Any international student who wishes to study in Malaysia is required to obtain a Student Pass. Students are strictly NOT allowed to enter Malaysia and strictly not allowed to attend classes before their Student Pass is approved.

Raffles College of Higher Education Kuala Lumpur Health Examination Report (Compulsory)

Pre-Entry Medical Screening
All international students who wish to study in Malaysia must submit the Pre-Entry health examination report together with their applications. Please advise students to bring along their chest x-ray films when they are here for the orientation.

The Health Examination Report has 4 sections (6 Pages):

(a) Section1 (PART A AND B) to be filled by the applicant; and
(b) Section 2, 3 and 4 to be filled by the examining doctor

Please read through the entire guidelines and take note that the college is only allowed to accept a medical examination done 60 days before registration or within 30 days after registration.

*It is compulsory to submit the duly filled Health Examination Report for student pass application.

Students coming from Yellow Fever Endemic Zones such as Africa and South America in particular, are reminded to ensure that they are vaccinated before entering Malaysia . A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, valid only if the vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and administered at an approved Yellow Fever Vaccinating Centre is required from those who hail from these Zones.

The Malaysian Ministry of Health will quarantine students from these Zones who come without a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate upon arrival for 2 weeks. The certificate is valid for ten (10) years, beginning 10 days after the date of vaccination.

On Arrival Medical Screening (Required by the Government of Malaysia)

Once arrived in Malaysia, student must make an appointment at an Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) approved clinic (http://www.educationmalaysia.gov.my/skin/frontend/emgsv3/default/images/media/list-of-approved-clinics.pdf) and also to get their x-ray done at the X-Ray clinic within 7 working days of entry into Malaysia. The medical screening fee is RM250 (subject to change).

Please download the on arrival medical screening form from the EMGS website (http://www.educationmalaysia.gov.my/skin/frontend/emgsv3/default/media/Health-Examination-Report.pdf)

The Health Examination Report has 4 sections (7 Pages):
(a) Section1 (PART A AND B) to be completed by the applicant; and ALL FIELDS are MANDATORY; and
(b) Section 2, 3 and 4 to be completed by the examining doctor at the clinic/ hospital duly appointed by EMGS
Please read through the entire guidelines and take note that the medical report must be completed WITHIN 7 WORKING DAYS from the date of entry into Malaysia.

Airport Meet & Greet (Compulsory)
Applicants are required to complete a meet & greet form at least TWO weeks before their departure date.
The Malaysian Immigration requires a representative from Raffles College of Higher Education to be present to escort the applicant through the Immigration Checkpoint. Applicants will NOT be allowed to pass through the Immigration Checkpoint if the colleges representative officer is absent.

Student Accommodation & other Monthly Living Expenses
Accommodation costs range from RM650 to RM1200. This is based on hostel accommodation within walking distance to the school. Apartment accommodation will depend on the location, type and facilities.

Food: RM600- RM900
Other living expenses: RM450 to RM600 (depending on your lifestyle)

International Student Insurance Coverage (Compulsory)
Medical and health insurance is mandatory and must be procured through EMGS. Only insurance purchased through EMGS will be accepted for the purposes of Student Pass Applications. The fees are approximately RM500 per annum (price is subject to change)

RKL International Student Application & Visa Processing Flowchart

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