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As a leader in personalised learning through its industry-relevant programmes, Raffles is monitoring the trends and developing strategies through investments in curriculum and pedagogy to ensure that our students are well prepared for the future.

We are Internationally Recognised

All our internationally accredited courses are recognized by the industry and the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. We collaborate with reputable University in the UK for our degree programmes.

We offer Industry Projects and Internships

Our students get paid to obtain valuable practical hands-on experience through internships and commercial projects. This helps our graduates’ gain vocational training that enhances their employability and personal portfolios. Internships also provide a valuable network and access to the industry.

We are a Gateway to the World

Gaining experience and building network opportunities can also be developed abroad. With diversified cultures and heritage, Asia is the future marketplace. Studying in the major cities of Asia exposes students to different cultures and different market practices, our students gain international qualification and experience while studying and living in different cities throughout Asia.

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