07 Aug 2019

Join the Raffles-KL Open Day this 24 – 25 August and get enlightened about the courses we offer and participate in our fun activities!

Meet with our education counsellors and perhaps they can show the right career path for you.

September and October intake is open for enrolment now! Grab the chance to enjoy RM1000 Application Fee waiver when you apply during our Open Day!

Want a quality education to be recognized by the industry? PM us to find out all the courses and merit scholarship!

Check out the amazingly talented new vendors at the MACHI MOCHI Market 2.0 麻吉市集2.0mochi market organised by the TM.troublemaker this coming 24th and 25th!

More information:

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Posted by Machi Mochi Market on Selasa, 30 Julai 2019