22 Nov 2021

Join Us for our OPEN DAY this 18 & 19 December 2021

We will be having Raffles Open Day on our campus next month, as well as Edu Fair in Mid Valley KL too! ☺️
Learning never stops no matter where we are. There are more exciting activities and creative workshops such as Jewellery Making Workshop for you to explore to discover yourself. ✨
Markdown your date below and see you! 👇
📌 11 – 12 Dec 2021, Saturday – Sunday | Mid Valley Sureworks Education Fair
📌 18 – 19 Nov 2021, Saturday – Sunday | Campus Open Day
Enroll and create your own future with Raffles, it’s now or never! 🌟
Stay tuned to our social media for more updates! 🤳
Click on the link below and SIGN-UP for our OPEN DAY 📝