24 Mar 2021


Congratulations to our student finalists who have submitted their shortlisted designs to the SAKURA COLLECTION FASHION DESIGN AWARDS 2021.

First appearing as a regional competition in 2012 supported by Japan, the competition was reborn as an international online contest without borders.

This year’s theme is “Enshu Men Tsumugi” – a hand-made and rare fabric of Shizuoka, drawing its origin from the Edo period. Using this traditional textile, our students are challenged to design women’s wear, men’s wear, or children’s wear.

The mission of the SAKURA COLLECTION Fashion Design Awards is to connect traditional Japanese industries and young designers to create new ideas for the future.

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Kimonarm – Gan Hwei Qing

“I wish to rekindle the traditions of the Kimono to the newer generations through this collection by combining the art of military design together with the Kimono. By making them appealing to the market, reminding the younger generation of the traditions that is inspired in this design is what I wish to achieve in this collection.”




Structure 2021 – Teoh Zhong Lin

“In my head, I picture the Chinese traditional wear as a “house structure”. It’s there from the beginning, the people inside come and goes. The structure needs to be spiced up from time to time in order to maintain the structure of it for more generations to come.”



Tea Time Nightmare – Vanessa Tay Rivera

“As we all know Alice in the wonderland is a story full of imagination and wonder, but in my perspective, I believe that the story fabricates the true, harsh reality we all live and grew up in. The concept of the design is to interpret the hidden dark version of the story that was overseen.”


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