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Graduation Year: 2014 | Fashion Design

Nigel Chia embraces time-honored couture techniques with a modern sensibility to create unique and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman. A combination of contrasting elements defines the prêt-à-couture house: Nigel Chia is traditional and modern, organic and architectural, sumptuous and pure.

Graduation Year: 2013 | Fashion Design

Moto Guo made headlines everywhere as the first Malaysian fashion designer selected for the prestigious LVMH Prize. Moto Guo is a Malaysian-based menswear designer with an eponymous label officially launched in 2015. His graduation collection, “Out Like A Light” featured a delightful assortment of designs that are tell-tale signs of his identity; wacky yet dexterous.

Graduation Year: 2013 | Fashion Design

Joe Chia is a fashion label known for its modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity. It embodies entwined classicism and experimental pieces that stand the test of time. The label has a distinctive discernment of thought-provoking silhouettes with nuances of monochromatism and functional essences being woven through whilst maintaining a strong tie to traditional and urban origins.

Graduation Year: 2011 | Fashion Design

Man Chien is a Malaysia based wearable art maker. She is known for creating hand-painted garments, which mainly revolve around discussion of existential philosophy and emotion/ thoughts documentation. Many of her work is noted as impeccable, tedious craftsmanship; one of her wearable art project: The NORNS discusses the perception of time, featured wool-felting technique, an ancient textile process, where she hand-felted textiles out of Merino wool roving.

Graduation Year: 2011 | Fashion Design

Justin Chew began his career in fashion during his first year at Raffles Kuala Lumpur. He showcased his first collection at MIFA 2010 with a collection heavily inspired by the concept of bondage and boundaries. Justin Chew Basic Label was launched in 2013 along with his new startup store, THISAPPEAR. Justin Chew first ready-to-wear collection Fall/Winter 2014 was launched at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014.

Graduation Year: 2010 | Fashion Design

Quirky, fun and bubbly would summarise her collection. KIittie Yiyi, a Malaysian womenswear designer keeps things playful and whimsical with multi-colored tulle and brilliant shades. Her personality consequently affects the direction of her label and she is clearly bringing joyfulness into her clothing line by making bold and smart pieces that encourage women to be brave in experimenting with fashion.

Graduation Year: 2010 | Fashion Design

Founded in 2012, Jonathan Liang offers his contemporary woman with adaptable, provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-à-porter collections that replicate the natural evolution and progression of life. The Paris-based designer maintains his mission of juxtaposing the world of dreams with daily life in inspirational designs, quality fabrics, and impeccable workmanship. A collaborator at heart, Jonathan Liang welcomes new elements into its universe teaming up with Uniqlo for the “Feel the SEA” collaboration for three seasons.

Graduation Year: 2008 | Fashion Design

Recognized for his simplistic and unfussy aesthetic while staying true to his roots, Tengku Syahmi has been a rising talent in the fashion industry. His label Tsyahmi is evidently an extension of what he believes clothes (and even fashion) should essentially be: timeless and sophisticated.

Graduation Year: 2006 | Fashion Design

Alia Bastamam is known for her sleek, elegant design aesthetic and her bridal gown creations. Having studied and gained work experience under established local designers Jovian Mandagie and Sofira, Alia Bastamam launched her own label in 2011. Her eponymous brand, Alia Bastamam, features a ready-to-wear line, made-to-measure designs, a bridal service, and a bespoke man’s tailoring service.  Her influences stem from specific personalities: past collections have been styled on the 1950s Malay actress Maria Menado and socialite Bianca Jagger.


Graduation Year: 2017 | Fashion Marketing 

Bernice is the founder and curator of her online vintage business which operates as a time machine for the quirky nostalgic souls.

Graduation Year: 2013 | Fashion Marketing

Merchandising Executive at Club 21 Malaysia where she handles brands like Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Mulberry, Paul Smith, DKNY in all RTW, Accessories, watches, shoes, and handbags.

Graduation Year: 2011 | Fashion Marketing

Anne started her career with Valiram Group before moving on to Generation Two Thousand Apparel (G2000) as a buyer. Her work involves traveling to different locations for buying trips and participating in various promotions to enhance the sales of the company.

Graduation Year: 2016 | Fashion Marketing

SIDRA FAZEELAT is a Fusion Bridal and special occasion wear brand that offers supreme craftmanship which looks within traditional and contemporary fashion juxtapositions. Her start-up business owns and launches five lines per extremely distinct identities: Handcrafted Bridal Lengha (Pakistani), Gown (Western), Abaya (Arabian), Baju Kebaya (Malay) and Saree (Indian).

Graduation Year: 2012 | Fashion Marketing

MAATIN SHAKIR is a brand that focuses on creating classy, elegant and timeless pieces for both modern day men and women.


Graduation Year: 2009 | Fashion Marketing

As a buyer at MUJI Singapore, Shu Wei was involved in the of opening 3 new outlets, one of which being the MUJI Singapore flagship store.



Graduation Year: 2017 | Jewellery Design

Tina Wong is an artist painter and jewellery designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her designs are inspired by nature, geometry, textiles and traditions. Made in a variety of materials and designed by hand and CAD in the Malaysia her collections are striking, bold as well as being timeless and classic. Tina studied Fine Arts and to equip herself further as a jewellery designer, obtained diploma at Raffles College of Higher Education. Tina also designs and manufactures on commission. If you want to read more about her jewellery, please follow her in Instagram alti_design. If you are interested in any commissions or jewellery consultation, she may be contacted at tina.w@tinawinness.com

Graduation Year: 2015 | Jewellery Design

One of 15 female finalists for the GIT World’s Jewellery Design Awards 2014, her work was exhibited at the Junior Jewellery Show and the NASAD re-accreditation show at Pratt Institute, as well as the TEN x TEN pop-up exhibit at the 2015 Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference. In 2015 Wong was chosen by the Pratt Jewellery Faculty as the recipient for the Peters Valley scholarship, she also received the “Most Outstanding Award” and “Winner of the Necklace Category” for the MIJF Jewellery Design Awards.

Graduation Year: 2012 | Jewellery Design

After completing her Advanced Diploma at Raffles Kuala Lumpur, Vennice was accepted by Birmingham City University to complete the BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing Design for Industry (DFI).


Graduation Year: 2011 | Visual Communication

How Wei Zhong is currently a Senior Art Director at TBWA Shanghai, working with notable clients such as Adidas. He graduated from Raffles Kuala Lumpur with an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design from Middlesex University (UK).


Graduation Year: 2010 | Visual Communication

Januar Rianto is a multidisciplinary designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, providing graphic design, art direction, and creative research in the fields of art, architecture, product design, and commerce. As a designer, his approach is defined by a collaborative network that allows him to integrate design, communication, and strategy to develop projects for commercial and institutional clients focused on contemporary culture. He believes that design, at its simplest, is about being intentional about the things we do and creating value in our society.

Graduation Year: 2010 | Visual Communication

Suek Mei co-founded Design Union, a Visual Communication consultancy, A Good Reason – the risograph print studio – the first in Kuala Lumpur with color ink, and she is also the founder of Miracle Watts, an interior, signage, and wayfinding consultancy.


Graduation Year: 2013 | Interior Design

Established in January 2017, Hans Kristian joined venture with Kim So Yan, a Korean industrial/product designer. SoHan Strive to offer better perspectives to good designs and create awareness to “new” British Korean fusion design. SoHan is also in collaboration with Raffles Jakarta, offering students internship opportunities.


Graduation Year: 2011 | Interior Design

Started by Vincent Tay together with Puk Min Ka, his course mates at Raffles Kuala Lumpur, SPACES was driven by their love for interior design and the vision to create eminent value to spatial design.

Graduation Year: 2007 | Interior Design

WHITE SPADE is established in 2012 by Justin and JC with the belief in crafting spaces by means of programmatic approach providing solutions with discerning taste. They value spaces that are emotive and experiential.