Interior Design | Malaysia Interior Design Challenge 2023 Awards We had the honor of showcasing the top 3 winners of the Malaysia Interior Design Challenge 2023 at the Shorea Park Sales Gallery on 29th March 2024. Our Raffles College students’ remarkable talent and dedication were on full display, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our Interior Design Department and the generous sponsorship from… Continue reading Interior Design | Malaysia Interior Design Challenge 2023 Awards

STUDENT AMBASSADOR BRAUN BUFFEL 2024 Braun Buffel is teaming up with our Fashion Management students for an exciting collaboration as part of their Fashion Coordination and Promotion module. The event took place in the elegant setting of Mohi Kori on March 16, 2024.

Gelly Wee Wedding Gown Competition 2024

20 students from the Fashion Design Programme participated in Dreamland’s Wedding Gown Design Competition, organized by Gelly Wee Wedding Gown, held at Starhill in Kuala Lumpur on March 16th, 2024. Among the participants, 11 students were selected as finalists, showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity nurtured within the program. Notably, Tong Chi Mun emerged as… Continue reading Gelly Wee Wedding Gown Competition 2024

RKL SRC -Raffles New Future Leaders!

Unveiling the New Era: Introducing the Raffles KL Student Representative Council (SRC) ✨ Elevate, Empower, Engage! 🚀 Join us as we embark on a journey of leadership, unity, and innovation. Together, let’s shape the future of Raffles KL!

CNMT | Dive into Marketing at Carls Jr!

CNMT Exclusive: Immerse yourself in the world of marketing at Carls Jr! Uncover industry secrets, strategies, and hands-on experiences in the dynamic realm of Creative New Media Technology.

Psychology | Raffles Psych Class Field Trip: Journey into Minds!

Exploring the world of psychology outside the classroom! 🌍🧠

Red Race Workshop by Raffles KL | Unveiling Courses for High School Students!

Ignite your academic journey with Red Race, a thrilling workshop introducing high school students to the diverse courses offered by Raffles KL! 🚀📚

ID | Unforgettable Expedition to Urban Culture’s Furniture Wonderland!

A day of design immersion! Raffles KL interior design students explore Urban Culture, drawing inspiration for their future projects. 🛋️🌟 #DesignInspiration #RafflesDesigners”

CNMT | Crafting Creativity and Forging Industry Bonds with 4As Malaysia and TBWA Malaysia

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to The Refinery Bootcamp by 4As Malaysia at TBWA, where our CNMT students immersed themselves in a half-day of creativity and innovation.

FM | Final Year Presentation (Chérie vs House of Axid)

Chérie and House of Axid Take Center Stage! Two Fashion Forces Collide in a Dazzling Display of Creativity and Innovation. The Ultimate Face-off for the Crown of Couture!