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BS Alumni-03
During her internship at the prestigious local fashion brand Whimsigirl, she delved into the intricacies of fashion brand marketing, gaining valuable insights into the industry’s dynamics. Currently, as a Sales Associate at Notes by YGM, Malaysia’s First Official K-Pop Album Cafe in KL, Merliessa not only contributes to the success of the unique establishment but also integrates her e-commerce knowledge with the captivating realm of K-Pop culture. With a diverse skill set and a passion for innovation, Merliessa is making her mark at the intersection of fashion, e-commerce, and pop culture.
BS Alumni-06
His fervent passion for the world of e-commerce and entrepreneurship has been the driving force behind his academic pursuits and career ambitions. James combines a solid foundation in e-commerce principles with an entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing his dedication to understanding and contributing to the evolving landscape of online business. Known for his innovative mindset and strategic approach, James is poised to make significant strides in the dynamic intersection of e-commerce and entrepreneurship.
BS Alumni-05
Fueled by a keen interest in digital marketing, Jimmy has seamlessly transitioned into the industry, leveraging his knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online business. With a creative flair and a strategic mindset, he excels in crafting compelling content and devising innovative social media strategies. Jimmy’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends reflects his dedication to personal and professional growth, making him a promising professional in the dynamic field of digital marketing.
Psychology Alumni-04
To begin with, I’d like to extend a hearty thank you to my lecturers and fellow course mates who had played an integral part in the success of my studies. Their professionalism, experience and overall friendliness allowed me to easily navigate my diploma without difficulty. The syllabus provided by Raffles was also very helpful in my continued studies, as it had provided me a base understanding of the complex subjects and theories that are being taught at the degree level, thus easing my further studies. Examples include many of the psychological theories taught during diploma being instantly transferable to theories taught in the degree level. That’s not all, due to the plethora of well thought out assignments given, doing the assignments at the degree level became much easier to navigate.
BS Alumni-01
I love studying at Raffles College of Higher Education as Diploma in e-Commerce student. There are many enjoyable activities such as Global Speaker Series, Guest Lecture session, Live Projects, and Industry visits. I am really excited to study here due to the many interesting modules in the programme such as Digital Marketing, Web Development, and many other E-Commerce related modules. I am so proud to study at Raffles!
BS Alumni-02
I found Raffles Kuala Lumpur through an education consultant, she told me about Raffles Kuala Lumpur and suggested for me to study business courses here. I pursue my education at Raffles Kuala Lumpur because the education level of Raffles Kuala Lumpur is quite high, it can go beyond your abilities and some of the lectures on Raffles Kuala Lumpur are very helpful and take care of students performance. They also help students to get a better results. My learning journey at Raffles Kuala Lumpur has been great.
BS Alumni-04
I found out about Raffles Kuala Lumpur through their website. After trying to find a perfect college for me to enroll in, I decided to pursue my studies at Raffles Kuala Lumpur because it is near to my house, the fees are affordable and they have the course that I wanted. My experience at Raffles Kuala Lumpur was great. I met great friends and created nice memories to remember.
Psychology Alumni-03
Raffles Kuala Lumpur provided an exemplary experience during the entirety of my course. From the lecturers to the various other staffs at the college, everyone was welcoming and eager to help the students. The content of the course was delivered well as all of the lecturers that taught us were extremely experienced teachers that were specialized in various subsets of psychology. At the end of my final semester, I learned not only how to apply the theories to real-life experiences, but the several techniques as well as how to carry out researches.
Psychology Alumni-02
Be strong & confident, but never delusional
Psychology Alumni-01
Studying psychology at Raffles College in Kuala Lumpur has been a transformative experience for me. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering a diverse range of topics within psychology, and the lecturers are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about their field, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. The hands-on approach to learning, including practical applications and case studies, has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of psychological concepts and their real-world implications. The small class sizes facilitate meaningful discussions and personalized attention, fostering a sense of community among students. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere at Raffles has inspired my academic and personal growth, equipping me with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of human behavior and contribute meaningfully to the field of psychology.
id Alumni-10
Yun dabbled into various fields before she immersed herself into lights; “bringing joy and making people “feel” the light” as she passionately puts it. She has been creating lighting experiences for live concerts, light installation pieces including movie shoots. Park Go Gum, Black Pink, Worldclass Fantasy Rainforest, Bukit Jalil Colors Bar, Dev Patel’s Monkey Man, SkyFire by Simon West, and Vincent Zhou’s Lost in Pacific are just some of Yun’s notable works.
id Alumni-08
Nico Andriano + Christin Apriyanti were both our RCDC (Raffles College of Design & Commerce, Australia) Degree graduates back in 2015. Hail from Indonesia, they met while studying at Raffles College Kuala Lumpur. Similar hobbies, common interests and their compatibilities eventually led to a beautiful sunset wedding in Bali. Based in Jakarta, they continue with their design narratives that are not just aesthetic as Co + in see themselves as creative problem solvers
CNMT Alumni-06
The discovery of Raffles in pursuit of Creative New Media Technology felt serendipitous. Its blend of graphic and multimedia design, backed by a global perspective and seasoned faculty, convinced me of its ideal match. Collaborative interactions with classmates and experienced lecturers fuel innovation and practicality, bridging creativity with real-world applications. In three words, my Raffles experience is fulfilling, innovative, and dynamic.
CNMT Alumni-05
I chose to study at Raffles College because its excellent reputation in the field of design, and I haven’t been disappointed. My passion for design started with a desire to create beautiful things that people can enjoy. Raffles has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my passion in Creative New Media Technology. The wide range of subjects offered in this course has been both satisfying and eye-opening.
FD Alumni-05
Quirky, fun, and bubbly would summarise her collection. Kittie Yiyi, a Malaysian womenswear designer keeps things playful and whimsical with multi-colored tulle and brilliant shades by making bold and smart pieces that encourage women to be brave in experimenting with fashion.
FD Alumni-04
Justin Chew began his career in fashion during his first year at Raffles Kuala Lumpur. He showcased his first collection at MIFA 2010 with a collection heavily inspired by the concept of bondage and boundaries.
FD Alumni-03
Founded in 2012, Jonathan Liang offers his contemporary woman adaptable, provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-à-porter collections that replicate the natural evolution and progression of life. The Paris-based designer maintains his mission of juxtaposing the world of dreams with daily life in inspirational designs, quality fabrics, and impeccable workmanship.
FD Alumni-06
Recognized for his simplistic and unfussy aesthetic while staying true to his roots, Tengku Syahmi has been a rising talent in the fashion industry. His label Tsyahmi is evidently an extension of what he believes clothes (and even fashion) should essentially be: timeless and sophisticated.
FD Alumni-01
Alia Bastamam is known for her sleek, elegant design aesthetic and her bridal gown creations. Having studied and gained work experience under established local designers Jovian Mandagie and Sofira, Alia Bastamam launched her own label in 2011. Her eponymous brand, Alia Bastamam, features a ready-to-wear line, made-to-measure designs, a bridal service, and a bespoke man’s tailoring service.
Bernice is the founder and curator of her online vintage business which operates as a time machine for the quirky nostalgic souls.
SIDRA FAZEELAT is a Fusion Bridal and special occasion wear brand that offers supreme craftsmanship which looks within traditional and contemporary fashion juxtapositions with extremely distinct identities.
MAATIN SHAKIR is a brand that focuses on creating classy, elegant, and timeless pieces for both modern-day men and women.
As a buyer at MUJI Singapore, Shu Wei was involved in the of opening 3 new outlets, one of which being the MUJI Singapore flagship store.
JD Alumni-02
Tina Winness Wong is an artist painter and jewellery designer based in Kuala Lumpur. Her designs are inspired by nature, geometry, textiles, and traditions. Made in a variety of materials and designed by hand and CAD, her collections are striking, bold as well as timeless, and classic.
id Alumni-02
7 years later after graduation, Chelsey re-grouped with Quito and founded Fuku Studio to realize their entrepreneurial skills and passion in both interior and furniture designs. Fuku Studio is the birth of these two young forward-looking designers with the vision of enhancing the lifestyle of society by providing a “one-stop solution” for home. This “one-stop solution” ranges from services of interior design consultations, renovation, and pairing home designs with Fuku products.
JD Alumni-01
Founded by Jenn Lim in 2014, JL Fine Jewelry’s designs were mainly inspired by personal storytelling from individual clients, such as personal love stories, life stories, memorable moments, memories of a significant individual and the list goes on.
CNMT Alumni-02
The Creative Practitioners were knowledgeable, expert in design, approachable, and great willingness to teach. Through the learning journey at Raffles, it was fun when get in touch with design software and create incredible masterpieces with various types of design techniques. Raffles College facilitates a nature-friendly environment and it is a considerable place for design future.
CNMT Alumni-03
I discovered this school through a personal connection—my sister, who graduated from here as a fashion designer. Her valuable education she received piqued my interest, leading me to explore this college as a choice for my own educational journey. Three reasons why I’m chose Raffles which is fast-paced learning, academic quality, and industry-relevant curriculum.
CNMT Alumni-01
I am passionate about all things designed. Design is a beautiful thing, it’s multifaceted, it can be logical or emotional or even spiritual. It is for the better of things. The best part is, you can also have fun with it.
id Alumni-04
Approaching his sixth working year after graduating with our Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, Gabriel found his niche in combining sales and design. Now, he is consulting in one of Malaysia’s most reputable and established industry player for Kitchen and Sanitary ware; BinaWarehouse (Kitchen) Sdn Bhd; one of our many industry partners in education. Gabriel makes dream kitchens come true as he meets, presents, designs, inspects and coordinates jobs for clients with the aim of closing the sale which could be worth from 20K up to half a million ringgit and above; mostly to niche clienteles. In his line of work, Gabriel collaborates closely with top-notch suppliers as well as collaborating with other Interior Designers and Architects. He is fast becoming a specialist in bonding the love for food over a dining table that brings eternal joy to families and friends alike.
id Alumni-05
Bryan and Joseph were collegemates studying Interior Design at Raffles College Kuala Lumpur. They bonded with similar interests and Joseph went on to pursue our Degree program whilst Bryan decided to gain work experience. A couple of years later, with those same interests, they worked on a project together and realized they could infuse their passions in design together; and Guardian Lion was formed. It has been six years and Guardian Lion continues to provide and produce delightful and practical designs. Here are their testimonials.
id Alumni-01
La Petite Bouchée specialises in curating premium quality Charcuterie Boards / Grazing Tables / Event Designs including table setting and floral arrangements. Delaram has been in this industry for the past 2.5 years and had the opportunity to work on big events such as the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Samantha Sung SS22 show, Amee Philips, Carte d’or workshop just to name a few. And her works have been featured in numerous publications such as Tatler Dining, Buro Malaysia and in The Sun Daily newspaper as one of the successful people in Malaysia (5th edition)
id Alumni-06
Chan Cien Jung graduated with our Bachelor in Design (Interior Design) in 2015. And in 2020, he started Jung Design after several years of work experience and garnered a comprehensive portfolio. Today, besides his corporate works, we invite Jung back to Raffles college as one of our panel of interviewers, where we simulate job interviews and at the same time for Jung Design to recruit and train interns and fresh graduates to join his growing design businesses.
id Alumni-07
Based in Ireland, Milad is one of our successful international student graduates. Having trained and worked in various design firms including a renowned architectural firm in Dublin, Milad talents was discovered whilst furthering his studies abroad. As mentioned in our interview with Milad, he attributed his success today for the knowledge and skills acquired during his study with us at Raffles College of Higher Education Kuala Lumpur. Well done Milad and we wish you all the best!
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Graduation Year: 2007 | Interior Design
WHITE SPADE is established in 2012 by Justin and JC with the belief in crafting spaces by means of a programmatic approach providing solutions with discerning taste. They value spaces that are emotive and experiential.
FD Alumni-07
Nigel Chia embraces time-honored couture techniques with a modern sensibility to create unique and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman. A combination of contrasting elements defines the prêt-à-couture house.