KPT/R/KJP/00880 (12/2023)


Intakes: January / May / September   |   Duration: 11 weeks


The English Language Programme – Foundation Level at Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE) is designed to help those students who have not yet achieved the necessary English proficiency level required to join RCHE programmes. This course helps in the development of listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, with emphasis given to academic English.

During the course, students will not only improve the much needed daily command of the language but also develop their critical reading and writing skills with the use of a variety of texts, including short stories, newspapers, magazine articles and letters. This practice creates a strong foundation for their academic English.

Students will also be given writing tasks and learn how to focus on developing their ideas by using the 4 basic skills, reading, writing, speaking & listening. Classroom interaction is highly encouraged and students participate in many listening and speaking activities such as role plays and public speaking. During the course, they become increasingly proficient in delivering oral presentations and using visual aids to deliver their ideas or opinions.



Students will be guided in reading and understanding academic and non-academic articles, as well as authentic materials. They will be guided to answer comprehensive and inference based questions, which will train their critical and creative, as well as problem-solving abilities.



In writing classes, students will be exposed to creative writing, as well as academic essays. They will be taught the basics of writing and given guidance in grammar as well as writing styles that will strengthen their basic writing skills.



Students will develop their speaking and listening skills in a variety of social and academic situations.


Listening – Students will be exposed to listening skill and be taught the basics of the listening process. They will be exposed to listening for information, listening for the main idea and listening to respond.


Speaking – In the speaking classes, students will be introduced to presentation skills, basic public speaking skills, and daily conversations. Students will be encouraged to give responses and ask questions. Students will also be guided on the right tone & posture for different daily life situations.