A Remarkable Testimonial for our Exceptional Diploma in E-Commerce Student

We are thrilled to share a heartwarming testimonial from the renowned fashion brand, Whimsigirl, given to our talented Diploma in E-Commerce student, Mel!


🛍️✨ 👗 Whimsigirl’s Marketing Lead, Miss Sara Athira, had this to say about Mel’s outstanding contributions to the team: “We were fortunate to have Mel, Raffles KL’s Diploma in e-Commerce student to join our team as a marketing intern for the past three months. Her positive attitude and unwavering enthusiasm made a significant impact on our work environment. Mel consistently embraced challenges with an open mind and a determination to succeed. Her ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic situations showcased her exceptional dedication and willingness to learn. It’s been a pleasure to witness her growth during her time with us, and we have no doubt that she has a bright future ahead in the marketing industry. We’re confident that Mel will continue to bring the same level of energy and passion to every endeavor she undertakes. 🌟” 🌺


We couldn’t be prouder of Mel’s accomplishments, and this testimonial is a testament to her hard work and commitment. 🙌 Join us in congratulating Mel for this fantastic achievement! 🎉👏 Let’s celebrate her dedication to the fashion industry and wish her continued success in her e-commerce journey. 🎓🛒