Celebrating our alumni achievements – Finesse Jewellery with Tina Winness Creations

Showcasing Raffles KL Jewellery Design award-winning alumni – Since her award-winning Tribute Wau piece taking the Italian A’Design Award circles by storm, Tina Winness has not slowed down in presenting uniquely and futuristically crafted pieces of beauty and luxury. Already her latest wares stand out from the crowd – elegant pieces of a Masquerade theme.

Checkout this link: https://www.expatgo.com/my/2021/02/05/finesse-jewellery-with-tina-winness-creations/?fbclid=IwAR3gDmGXqSBerlnuLv1-yuvC68shdrXUaCR-bdyBm5y75ATa4G1pie4zrKY