CNMT | Crafting Creativity and Forging Industry Bonds with 4As Malaysia and TBWA Malaysia

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to The Refinery Bootcamp by 4As Malaysia at TBWA, where our CNMT students immersed themselves in a half-day of creativity and innovation. At the heart of TBWA Malaysia, the event unfolded with a 1-hour keynote session, offering insights and wisdom from industry experts. A briefing session followed, providing students with details about the challenges and expectations. The atmosphere buzzed with energy as breakout groups engaged in brainstorming sessions, crafting ideas that would soon come to life. The day reached its pinnacle as each group presented their proposals, leaving an impression on the agency teams. Judgment followed, with constructive feedback and insights from industry professionals. From lightbulb moments to the thrill of presenting, The Refinery Bootcamp etched unforgettable memories in the hearts of our CNMT students.


We are grateful to 4As Malaysia and TBWA Malaysia for having us.