Creative New Media Technology design projects

Reminisce the magic of yesteryears as we take you back to the breathtaking Creative New Media Technology design projects!


Time flies, but the memories of these talented and passionate design students showcasing their masterpieces are forever etched in our hearts! From ingenious branding concepts to captivating digital illustrations, our students have showcased their creativity and technical prowess in every piece they’ve crafted. Each project tells a unique story, representing their personal growth and artistic evolution throughout their academic journey. As we stroll down memory lane, we can’t help but marvel at how these students fearlessly explored new realms of design, pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Their use of colour, typography, and layout was nothing short of awe-inspiring. These projects were more than just assignments; they were a manifestation of the students’ passion and commitment to making a difference through their art. Their hard work and determination were truly admirable.


Let’s all take a moment to relish the memories and celebrate the journey of these remarkable designers.