Gelly Wee Wedding Gown Competition 2024

20 students from the Fashion Design Programme participated in Dreamland’s Wedding Gown Design Competition, organized by Gelly Wee Wedding Gown, held at Starhill in Kuala Lumpur on March 16th, 2024. Among the participants, 11 students were selected as finalists, showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity nurtured within the program. Notably, Tong Chi Mun emerged as the winner of the prestigious Best Creative Award, affirming the program’s commitment to fostering innovative design talent in the field of wedding gown design.

Best Creative Award: Tong Chi Mun

Top 20’s Finalist:

  1. Lau Kah Yee
  2. Alice Teng Ke Nie
  3. Lim Zi Ying
  4. Goh Shern Jim
  5. Khong Li Yu
  6. Calista Angelica
  7. Tong Chi Mun
  8. Steffani Zuang
  9. Dickson Mah
  10. Liau Hao Hei
  11. Alex Pang Jia Jian