Oversea Fieldtrip – Seoul, Korea

Visiting the Meta1 Art & Play exhibition hosted by Korean artists in Garosugil’s Airdrop Space. The art curation was a joint effort with the Print Bakery Gallery, offering a captivating showcase of fresh NFT creations from Kim Sunwoo and DADAZ, alongside the remarkable works of collage artist Sunhotan and illustrator Boat. In addition to the NFT art display, the exhibition also offers an interactive space where students learned more about NFTs and fun marketing PR.


Feeling incredibly excited to have the opportunity to catch the grand opening of @seoulfashionweek_official, which came early this year thanks to the art Kiaf Seoul and Seoul Beauty Week. It was a fascinating fusion of cutting-edge marketing technologies and forward-thinking fashion art popping up at @ddp_seoul. Our students’ SFW styling were even captured by some of the Seoul Fashion Week’s photographers.

In pursuit of the necessary materials for their final-year projects, senior students embarked on a journey to the renowned Dongdaemun wholesale districts. Our students scoured these areas not only for raw fashion resources required for fashion production, but also to gain valuable insights into the intricate ecosystem of fashion supply chains. They delved into sourcing trendy fabrics, exploring cutting-edge printing technology and design accessories, and connecting with various fashion suppliers.


Taking a much-needed break at the renowned Gwangjang Market for a delicious lunch and a quick recharge. After a full day of exploring the latest fashion trends and sourcing materials, this bustling market is the perfect place to refuel and soak in the local atmosphere.

Amid the thriving preloved fashion market and the rise of sustainability in fashion, our exploration led us to Dongmyo, renowned for its diverse thrift stores offering everything from vintage branded polo shirts to Y2K miniskirts and Korean baseball jerseys. Our visit delved into the evolving demands of the upcycling and recycling market, as well as the creative visual merchandising strategies and successful business models adopted by the Korean retail thrift stores and wholesale second-hand fashion suppliers.


Seoul, a global fashion hub, boasts a vibrant scene of stylish apparel brands and innovative retail spaces. Our students immersed themselves in the city’s fashion culture, visiting stores to analyze the branding, visual merchandising, and product development strategies of both local and international fashion and beauty brands. These visits not only provided valuable insights into the industry but also inspired students with creative marketing concepts and unconventional business approaches.