“The Global Fashion Industry is facing a serious crisis. Textile waste is one of the serious crises and it has a negative impact on our ecosystem. Since October 2018, as the Fashion Design Department at Raffles College of Higher Education, we are working on sustainable fashion projects. Hence, we want our fashion design students to learn how to overcome this crisis as well as the challenges it presents.“

The JAPANESE FASHION EXHIBITION titled “REBORN” is part of the Raffles KL’s Sustainability Projects, in which we aimed to build a remarkable understanding of circular fashion. We believe that our school responsibility is not only to teach fashion, design and source sufficient materials but also to prepare our students to be responsible designers. Also, this project will help students understand how to adapt their design technique to be sustainable designers. We are excited about this project and we look forward to coming out with various sustainable projects.


Sustainable fashion projects at Raffles KL is built on purpose, and to create a positive impact on our students’ awareness of the impact of textile waste on our environment.


Visit Tokyo Street and view the students’ exhibition from today until 27 June 2019.

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