Raffles KL Jewellery Design alumni wins A’ Design Award & Competition 2019, Como, Italy

Raffles KL Jewellery Design alumi, Tina Winness Wong won the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition 2019 in an award ceremony in Como, Italy


Research Abstract: Tribute Wau was born of a missed opportunity to meet the legendary Master Kite-maker, Shafie Jusoh, who regrettably passed away just as Tina Winness was about to make a trip to learn more from him about the craft.


Gaining inspiration from International Kite Festivals held in Malaysia, kite designs and kite-flying activities were studied. It was decided to incorporate the essence of the wind in the design.


Technique Properties / Project Description: Tribute Wau follows the tradition of handmade craftsmanship, the carved Nephrite Jade insert brings a Chinese feel to an otherwise traditionally Malay piece. The tails of Tribute Wau move with you, reflecting the feel of wind flowing along with the kite as it soars through the skies where it belongs, free of earthly ties.


Operation / Flow / Interaction: The Wau is primarily designed to be worn as a pendant, it can be worn as a brooch as well. The tails sway with movement giving the impression of the wind fluttering through them.


Project Duration & Location: The project started in Malaysia in June 2018 finished in December 2018.

Production / Realization Technology: Crafted in 18K gold, set with natural blue Sapphires, carved natural Nephrite Jade set with brilliant round Diamonds.


The concept was hand-drawn and then designed in 3D. It was then 3D printed and cast to be used as a mold. Sapphires were selected and set to achieve a colour gradient. The Nephrite Jade is hand carved and set with Diamonds.


Specifications / Technical Properties:

86mm x 18mm x 118mm
33 grams


Tina Winness incorporates her own Chinese heritage, which resulted in an unmistakably Malaysian kite, but evokes a sense of meshing of cultures, for which Malaysia is well known for.


Challenges: Historically Waus are traditionally a Malay cultural kite. While preservation of tradition was the main objective in this design, Tina Winness felt that Malaysia had become culturally diverse enough that meshing the traditionally Malay kite with some Chinese elements would be accepted.


The main production challenge was finding a way to set the diamonds into the jade. Attempting to mount the stone directly caused the jade to crack. As a result, the diamonds had to be bezel-set before being able to mount them into the jade.


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