Visual Communication: Incubation Room Opening & Meet & Greet (A-A1)

We welcome all new students to our VCDM club! We hope everyone enjoyed their time, and get to know about our club, and members! Special thanks to VCDM committee president Fong Shin Yi, who supported to make it happen with planning and preparation, and all group leaders! See you around the campus, and have a great term ahead!


Incubation Room Facelift Project was initiated by VC program director Fiyon Neau. The project is now completed with full supports and hours of volunteering from VCDM students, VCDM Alumnus, and our school, Raffles College of Higher Education KL, and the last and not least, with a special volunteer’s extra hard work with his dedication towards young generation. This room is created for our VCDM students to fully utilize to develop creative ideas, equipped with facilities for their usage such as light box, books, paper stock samples, design references, and many others. We hope VCDM students enjoy using this room while they are studying at Raffles KL, and also hope that many great ideas can be generated from this space.


VCDM is short name for Visual Communication and Digital Media, combined group of 2 departments. Students will participate in the club’s activities, events, and attend special sharing with industrial guest speakers hosted by the club while they are studying at Raffles College of Higher Education, Kuala Lumpur.
Source: RKL