RKL SRC -Raffles New Future Leaders!

Unveiling the New Era: Introducing the Raffles KL Student Representative Council (SRC) ✨ Elevate, Empower, Engage! 🚀 Join us as we embark on a journey of leadership, unity, and innovation. Together, let’s shape the future of Raffles KL!

CNMT | Dive into Marketing at Carls Jr!

CNMT Exclusive: Immerse yourself in the world of marketing at Carls Jr! Uncover industry secrets, strategies, and hands-on experiences in the dynamic realm of Creative New Media Technology.

Psychology | Raffles Psych Class Field Trip: Journey into Minds!

Exploring the world of psychology outside the classroom! 🌍🧠

Red Race Workshop by Raffles KL | Unveiling Courses for High School Students!

Ignite your academic journey with Red Race, a thrilling workshop introducing high school students to the diverse courses offered by Raffles KL! 🚀📚

ID | Unforgettable Expedition to Urban Culture’s Furniture Wonderland!

A day of design immersion! Raffles KL interior design students explore Urban Culture, drawing inspiration for their future projects. 🛋️🌟 #DesignInspiration #RafflesDesigners”

CNMT | Crafting Creativity and Forging Industry Bonds with 4As Malaysia and TBWA Malaysia

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to The Refinery Bootcamp by 4As Malaysia at TBWA, where our CNMT students immersed themselves in a half-day of creativity and innovation.

FM | Final Year Presentation (Chérie vs House of Axid)

Chérie and House of Axid Take Center Stage! Two Fashion Forces Collide in a Dazzling Display of Creativity and Innovation. The Ultimate Face-off for the Crown of Couture!

FD | Final Presentation Photoshoot

Embark on a visual journey of the intricate details and unique aesthetics of the Mini Collection meticulously crafted by the graduates of RafflesKL’s Diploma in Fashion Design.

FD | Graduation Party 2023

Embark on an evening of Glamour and Achivement as Raffles Kuala Lumpur and the Creative Mastery Runway Productions Collaborate for the unforgettable Graduation Party 2023 ✨

ID | A Deepavali Kolam Extravaganza with Raffles College and Ikea

Raffles College and Ikea unite in a celebration of artistry and culture, crafting a kaleidoscope of Kolam designs that dance with tradition and modernity.