Diploma in Entrepreneurship students’ Business Plan!

Shoutout to our amazing panel of judges, Izra Izzuddin (former Group Director of Brand Management and Marketing of Touch ‘n Go Group) and Nasuha Browning (Brand Coach), for their valuable contribution in assessing our Diploma in Entrepreneurship students’ Business Plan!

Their expertise and insights have greatly motivated our students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with passion and dedication. We are grateful for their time and effort in sharing their thoughts and feedback on our students’ business ideas for their proposed ventures KeyShare, PerfumeLab, and SmileBox. 🤝


We are proud of our students’ hard work and commitment towards presenting their business plans, and it was evident in their presentations. We are confident that their business ideas will serve as a stepping stone towards achieving their entrepreneurial goals. 👏


Thank you once again, Izra and Nasuha, for your support towards fostering entrepreneurship in the community. 🌟