Rohingya Volunteer Outreach (HOPE)

We are thrilled to announce that our Raffles Kuala Lumpur Student Representative Council (SRC)’s CSR program, “Rohingya Volunteer Outreach (HOPE),” conducted on 1st April 2023, had a significant impact on the Rohingya refugee community. Collaborating with MyCARE and AREA Architect, the program’s focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of quality education and zero hunger is commendable.


The mini library developed for refugee students will undoubtedly enhance the quality of education they receive. The program’s murals to inspire students to come to school can also contribute to a more positive learning environment. The food distribution for the Rohingya communities is a crucial step towards addressing hunger issues.


Raffles Kuala Lumpur SRC’s motto, “Inspire, Aspire, Achieve,” is an embodiment of the organisation’s commitment to helping those in need. We believe that creating a better and more equitable world is a collective responsibility, and this program is a fantastic step in that direction.

We are delighted to see organisations aligning with the UN’s SDGs to improve the lives of refugee communities. Join us in congratulating Raffles Kuala Lumpur SRC on their excellent work in promoting positive change!