Raffles Student’s Packaging Design Wins Silver in Baik Selangor 2022 – 2023 Awards

Congratulations to Hanaa Cakery’s Red Blossom Nougat for winning Silver in the product category in BAIK Selangor Competition 2022 – 2023. The packaging design was created by our Diploma in Creative New Media Technology student, Kan Caleb.

In support of the Selangor state government, Selangor Executive Councillor Y.B. Ng Sze Han, BAIK Selangor is a competition organized by P Lab. The competition aims to elevate Small Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses from new villages (新村) in Selangor.


In 2021, the “Selangor New Village Good Product Competition – BAIK Selangor”, which was promoted by the Selangor Government, sponsored by the Selangor New Village Development Committee, and co-planned by P Lab, was a great success, and produced 35 “Selangor Good Products” certified by the Selangor Government, and created a total sales of more than RM400,000 for the good product industry through bonuses, government subscriptions, crowdfunding, and a series of e-commerce platform cooperations, market arrangements, and other activities.


BAIK Selangor (2022-2023) will continue to stimulate the economy of the new village, assist the transformation of traditional local farmers in the new village, and help the residents of the new village to start businesses.