RKL Rated as “Berdaya Saing” (Competitive) in MYQUEST 2022

Raffles College Kuala Lumpur Achieves “Berdaya Saing” (Competitive) Rating in MYQUEST 2022 – A Testament to Excellence and Commitment to Quality Education!

Aye Myint Myatt Triumphs: Winner of Earring Category in PSG Jewellery Design 2023 Award

Congratulations to Aye Myint Myatt for her outstanding achievement in winning the Earring Category of the PSG Jewellery Design 2023 Award. Her talent and creativity shine brightly!

Ang Wei Gong’s Dazzling Jewellery Takes Center Stage in China Press

Budding passion for making Chinese jewellery, here’s one of Raffles Kuala Lumpur student Ang Wei Gong captured crafting his arts during one of his media interview recently.

48th Convocation – “d.o.t”

Dot represents individual in Raffles. Humans are insignificant beings in the universe just like a ting dot. A dot is considered either the beginning of an element or an end of a line.